Me, minecraft, Creeper

Posted on 3rd January 2013 in Minecraft

Minecraft is awesome! Creepers blow up like a walking bomb.. Zombies can infect villagers and baby villagers.. Unless cured they turn into Zombie Villiagers!!! -K

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How to earn easy Kinzcash!

Posted on 27th December 2012 in Games, Webkinz

Need of some EASY Kinz cash? Go to Wishing Well2  and do the 5 wishes, spin Wheel of Wow, Gem Hunt and sell gem if already have it,do job at Employment Office and do Quizzy Corner for 20-40 minutes then TA-DA! some easy cash is made!


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Angry Birds Starwars is epic!

Posted on 25th November 2012 in Games, Star Wars

Angry birds starwars is epic! Have to try it! Worth every cent!

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Minecraft Anyone?

Posted on 26th October 2012 in Feedback, Minecraft

Hi, Any  one like Minecraft? I sure do! You can make Snow Men: Here’s how: Put two snow blocks on top of each other then put a pumpkin and TA DA!

If there are any Mobs nearby they will throw Snow Balls!!!


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