Fridays should be Saturday

Posted on 25th January 2013 in Feedback, School

I like Fridays with school but I still think Fridays should be Saturday……. What do you think?

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Darth Vader gave me his light saber

Posted on 9th January 2013 in Feedback, festivites, Kirsten, Movies, Star Wars

So I am at disney and I go to talk to this lady then another lady came to me and my dad and asked us to stand near this back wall and asked if we would like to meet characters from a starwars show we had just watched so we said yes! Then Vader and two storm troopers came out to take pictures with me! Then he took his light saber out, signed it and gave it to me!! I guess dreams come true here!
What are your thoughts?

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Candy apples

Posted on 5th January 2013 in candy, Feedback, food

Candy apples taste amazing! Who agrees with me? They are so festive, so delightful and crunchy.

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Me, minecraft, Creeper

Posted on 3rd January 2013 in Minecraft

Minecraft is awesome! Creepers blow up like a walking bomb.. Zombies can infect villagers and baby villagers.. Unless cured they turn into Zombie Villiagers!!! -K

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Posted on 2nd January 2013 in Feedback, festivites, food, Movies

Popcorn is so tasty, it has delicious salt and crunchy corn popped to make a old time favorite! You can drizzle chocolate on them, or caramel, or white chocolate, honey and roll the popcorn up in a ball to make a yummy popcorn ball!!!!
Whats your thoughts?

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